Does Yoga Help with Joint Pain?

on May 31, 2019
Woman doing a yoga stretch on a pink mat.

There are a lot of methods out there to relieve pesky joint pain, but did you know that yoga is one of them? Yoga has been proven to help those with arthritis and other forms of chronic joint pain deal with their discomfort and increase their mobility.  

What is Yoga

Woman meditating during yoga

Originated from India, yoga was first practiced as a spiritual combination of both exercise and meditation to connect with nature. Nowadays, yoga is still a combination of both exercise and meditation, but it is practiced for a number of different reasons including relaxation, exercise, to reduce pain, and to strengthen the body.

What Does It Do for Joint Pain?

Because yoga incorporates the entire body, the entire body benefits from doing yoga. Those with joint pain can especially reap the rewards of practicing yoga for the following reasons.


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Improves Posture

Many people don’t realize, but bad posture can lead to negative effects on your entire body. Posture focuses on how your spine is aligned with your body and if your alignment becomes out of whack it can wreak havoc on your overall health and lead to major nerve and joint issues down the road.

Yoga is comprised of multitudes of different exercises and poses that focus on elongating the spine and improving bad posture. As you age, your posture deteriorates slowly and back pain can start to develop. Yoga can help counteract these negative effects and keep your spine aligned and functioning as it should.



Woman doing yoga

Stretching has been proven to do wonders for stiff joints and luckily, in yoga, every exercise is a form of stretching. By doing yoga and stretching out those stiff bones, you are improving your body’s flexibility and mobility. Stretching lubricates your joints and essentially warms them up, so you’ll feel more flexible and capable of doing more physical activity than you normally would.  


Strengthens and Builds Muscle

Yoga is a series of exercises and practiced over time can help you build muscle. This in turn helps you to become stronger and can greatly enhance your overall joint wellbeing. As you become stronger, you become more functional and joint pain doesn’t feel as severe as it once did. Yoga also focuses on the parts of the body that are most prone to pain like your knees and your back. Daily practice of yoga can provide relief and help counteract this pain allowing you to live more freely.

Yoga is a great way to boost your overall health and strengthen your joints. It can help protect your damaged joints and strengthen your muscles to provide relief and overall increased flexibility.  

If you suffer from joint pain, start out with a simple yoga routine and increase your exercises little by little. Over time, you will start to feel relief and see the results you’re looking for.

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