The Best Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight

on May 10, 2019
Mixed fruits in a bowl.


Everybody always talks about how great fruit is for you and they’re right if they’re talking about nutritional benefits, but when you’re trying to lose weight some fruits are better than others.

This is because fruits are naturally high in sugar content because they contain an ingredient called fructose. Fructose gives fruit its naturally sweet flavor, but it can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals and make you feel like you’re staying stagnant.

Keep reading to find out which fruits won’t get in the way of your weight loss journey and will actually give you a boost in the right direction.




Watermelon is a summer favorite and is super refreshing on a hot day, and it’s also great for weight loss. Watermelon is made up of 90% water, so it makes you feel fuller quicker and is a great source of hydration. Watermelon is low in calories and contains an abundance of vitamins that nourish the body, so the more you eat, the better you’ll feel and the less hungry you’ll be.




Bananas are not only high in vitamins, fiber, and carbs but they’re low in calories and sugars which is great for weight loss. Bananas are also full of resistant starch which has been proven to slow down the body’s sugar absorption. Yellow bananas have less starch than green bananas, so it’s best to opt for greener, unripe bananas. If you’re looking for a fruit that will fill you up and help with weight loss, bananas are the perfect pick.



Red apples

Apples are full of fiber which does wonders for weight loss. Fiber helps you to feel fuller faster and in turn helps you eat less. Plus, apples are rich in nutrients and can give you a strong boost of energy which in turn allows you to burn more calories. We recommend eating a couple apples a day when trying to lose weight as they are a perfect snack when the hunger pangs strike. Be sure to eat one first thing in the morning to kickstart your day!



Sliced grapefruit

Grapefruits, just like watermelon, are low in calories and are made up mostly of water. This is great because not only does this super fruit keep you hydrated, but it also fills you up quickly and reduces hunger throughout the day. Grapefruit is also known to reduce blood sugar levels and slow down sugar absorption, which aids in weight loss. If this fruit doesn’t satisfy you, we don’t know what will.

Açai Berries

While they might be hard to find, açai berries are a miracle fruit when it comes to weight loss. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients and best of all, fiber to keep you full longer. Açai berries also help control blood sugar levels in the body and help regulate your digestive system by removing all waste and harmful toxins. Not only will this super fruit detoxify your body, but it will give you the energy you need to burn more calories and reach your weight loss goals. Plus, they’re sweet flavor tastes amazing!

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to avoid fruits altogether to see weight loss results. You just have to eat the right fruits to help you along. For a fun twist, create an açai bowl with some of our favorite weight loss fruits mentioned above and enjoy!

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