Fat Burning Gummies Pure Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones
Fat Burning Gummies Pure Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones
Fat Burning Gummies Pure Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones

    Fat Burning Gummies Pure Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones

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    NO glycemic worries here with our SUGAR-FREE mix. Also no wasting money on diluted slimming blends - Our 3-in-1 gummies pack more ACTIVE ingredients than most other gummies and capsules on the market - so much so that you can actually taste them!

      3-in-1 Chewable Weight Loss Supplement - Keto Friendly, Vegan, and Sugar-Free Appetite Suppressant Gummies - (2250mg/Day)

      Tired of popping SEVERAL weight loss PILLS every day? Grab 3 tasty gummy chews and begin to feel the suppressant effect in as little as 20 minutes! Just don't forget to stay hydrated 💦


      • If you're serious about Curbing Cravings, Slowing Sugar Absorption and Boosting Metabolism, YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT PAGE.

      • Get 2250mg a Day of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones Extracts in a Vegan Gummy. Easy!

      • THIRD PARTY CERTIFIED: These Natural Genius Fat Burning Gummies are purity tested and free of heavy metals, preservatives, and the most common allergens
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      IMPORTANT: Made with natural ingredients. Use as directed. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Please seek medical advice prior to the use of any dietary supplement and follow the directions carefully.
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      Julie K.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      They work!

      Taste good and the work on suppressing my appetite. I will be buying more!

      Elijah J.
      United States United States
      Love your product it is genius

      From the first time I have tried I knew it was for me keep up the good work

      Heightened energy levels noticed

      I think that these are more towards the sweeter side; I thinkIt is some sort of a substitute for sugar. The taste is a little off for me. Anyway, it’s chewey and I took it as directed. I didn’t experience any side effects, but I did experience heightened energy levels. This is about a 2.5 week supply of taken as directed. Regarding appetite suppressant, I don’t know.. I still feel very hungry. My movement is more and energy levels higher therefore I did lose a couple of pounds within 2 weeks. Worth a try I guess.. thanks.

      Rk S.
      I love the effects just not the texture

      I am a major consumer of the gummy variety of supplements. They are so much easier for me to remember to take and eat. I prefer gummies over swallowing down pills any day. First, I love the ingredients in this. They are top notch and work really well, however, the texture is just a bit weird for me. They are a little too mushy and have a gritty taste to them. You have to eat 3 a day so that will be a little much for me. I've been taking them for over a week and noticed increased energy but I can't say that I'm going to enjoy taking them any more than I have. I just don't like the texture or taste that much! I'll take them here and there for an energy boost but definitely not for a daily supplement.

      Great product

      I am really happy with this Garcinia, Raspberry ketones and Green coffee gummy supplement. It arrived quickly and well packaged. It is a bit of a strange texture but the taste is good and it is packed with some great ingredients! This is a good supplement as it combines three different supplements in one! It is also great for people that don’t like to swallow pills but still want the benefits of the supplements!

      Natural Genius Fat Burning Gummies Pure Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones Review
      Iamme W.
      Seems to Work

      I thought I would give them a try. I am surprised to see that they really do decrease your appetite even if you are not eating a large meal. The flavor is okay; not great but not nasty. It has a bit of a funky texture to them, but still very doable.

      Kurt G. Schumacher
      Vegan Garcinia taste pretty good and is sugar free

      I am always concerned that a supplement will have a negative side effect (which being in the autistic spectrum is a big concern for me) and I was glad that I had no problems taking this product. I can only take it in the morning because of the green coffee, because any stimulants makes it very hard for me to get a good nights sleep. Since I am diabetic, anything that helps me reduce my blood sugar levels reduces the amount if insulin I need to take each day. I also find that it is much more to my liking to take a supplement in a gummy form providing that the taste is not unpleasant.

      Kills Appetite!

      These gummies actually curbed my appetite the first time I tried them so much so I was truly impressed. I took one serving of the delicious gummies on an empty stomach about an hour before dinner. Dinner was a low carb tortilla stuffed with cheese, shredded pork, and peppers. I would’ve had two fajita tacos, but I barely finished one. Then a few hours later, when my family was up getting a late-night snack, I was notably still not hungry and didn’t have anything. I wasn’t ‘stuffed’ from dinner either. I just didn’t want any food because I didn’t have an appetite. These gummies taste tangy and sweet, are easy to chew, and don’t contain any glycemic-impacting sugars. They work to curb the appetite and rev up one’s metabolism. Overall, I’m impressed how well they work!

      Doesn't affect my appetite but is helping my weight!

      I haven't noticed any changes to my appetite since I started taking these but something very interesting happened instead. I have noticed that since I started taking these my weight has been going down. I am on keto so I watch my weight closely (even though I shouldn't) and even on days where I may slip a little, my weight never fluctuates up, only down! This wasn't happening before I started taking these. I will keep taking to see if this is a fluke or if they are actually having this effect. I will update this review if I find out that it isn't them but for now I must assume it is.Best of all, those 10 carbs are;t anything to be afraid of if you ar eon a low-carb/keto diet. They're sugar alcohols so none of this should bother you! They will just pass through your system and give you no glycemic hit!I love these things so far! 5 stars! Hope this helps!

      Kelly C.

      I was so excited for these to come. I have been trying out some other garcinia pills, but was even more excited for these since they are gummies. I am not sure if they help, but I like to think they help a little. I still really enjoy taking these and will finish the bottle!