4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Health Goals

on May 02, 2019
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Whether you’re going to the gym four times a week, remembering to take a supplement every morning, or just trying to eat better, it can be extremely difficult to stay motivated to living a healthier life.

 If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Reaching your health goals and living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work, but it isn’t impossible. By keeping yourself motivated you will better be able to continue on your health journey and make the changes you want to see in your health and your body.

 We’ve listed four ways to keep yourself motivated and on track to becoming the best version of yourself.

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1. Outline Your Goals | Passion + Consistency = Success 

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You won’t make it very far if you don’t have a clear concept of what you’re trying to achieve. Take some time to really think about what you want to accomplish and set realistic goals towards that accomplishment. Write out a list and put them down on paper and work towards them every day. 

Remember, you don’t want to set goals that will take you forever to reach or that seem almost impossible. Set achievable goals that are within reach, but at the same time challenge you. By accomplishing these minor goals you’ll be one step closer to achieving your major ones and you’ll feel so good checking them off your list.


2. Stay Committed | Trust the Process

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The hardest part about achieving your health goals is often times staying dedicated to your journey. If you find that you’re having trouble getting yourself to the gym or ran out of time to make a healthy meal, then start scheduling out your week.

Set aside some time every day for actions that contribute to reaching your goals. Put it on your calendar, set an alarm, and start getting in the habit of doing right by your body.

If you’re losing steam and feel like that supplement that you’ve been taking isn’t even doing anything for you, then take a step back and reassess why you’re even doing what you’re doing. Ask yourself, “Why am I trying to be healthier?” “Who am I doing this for?” Get back to the real reason you started on the path to the healthiest version of you and remind yourself of that reason any time you start doubting yourself or the process.

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3. Positive Self-Talk | Stop Stopping Yourself

When you focus on the good, the good gets better quote text.

Like we said earlier, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy to do. Sometimes we make mistakes and derail a little bit and that’s okay. If you forgot to take your supplement yesterday or ate a cheeseburger for dinner, it’s all right. If your goal for this week was to lose four pounds and you only lost two, that’s fine too. Don’t berate yourself for being human. Encourage yourself to do better tomorrow and stick to it.

Your mindset is everything and if you put yourself down you won’t get anywhere. Be your own support system and your own biggest fan. You’ll never perfectly follow your health regimen, because you’re not perfect. No one is. Allow yourself to mess up sometimes, grow from it, and refocus.


4. Celebrate Your Achievements | You’re Killing It

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Remember that what you’re doing is super difficult. Be sure to congratulate yourself when you reach even your smallest goals, because you’re one step closer to becoming your healthiest self. Think back to when you started your health journey and compare yourself to where you are now. Odds are, you’ve grown a lot! Take time to bask in it and love the new and improving you.


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Investing in yourself and your health is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things you can do and staying motivated is the key to reaching your goals. Find what motivates you and become the best version of yourself.

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