7 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

on April 05, 2019


Sleep Natural GeniusDo you often find yourself staring at the ceiling or counting sheep, because you just can’t seem to drift off to sleep? Well, you’re definitely not the only one.

 A lot of people have difficulty falling asleep at night and it can be super annoying when your mind just refuses to turn itself off and let you get the sleep your body so desperately needs.

But fear no more! We have some solutions that you can try to help you fall asleep faster and easier. 

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1. Monitor what you’re eating before bed.

Some foods are not the best to eat before trying to drift off to dreamland. If you’re eating meals with a high amount of carbs in them before you hit the hay, then this might be why you’re not able to fall asleep quickly. Try to eat foods that are high in fats before laying down as they will help you fall asleep easier and deeper. If you want to skip the fats and stick to your carbs, eat about 3 hours before you try to sleep.


2. Try essential oils. 

Aromatherapy is a super relaxing way that you can fall asleep. By using an essential oil diffuser, the relaxing smells and scents will fill your room and wash over you, making you feel calmer than ever and more prone to falling asleep.


3. Read a book.

If you can’t seem to fall asleep, read a chapter out of your favorite book before bed. Reading relaxes us and can help induce sleep.


4. Intentionally try to stay awake.

Sometimes our minds are able to trick our bodies into doing exactly what we want. If you focus on trying to stay awake, eventually your body will become tired and you will be able to fall asleep. Weird, but it works.


5. Put down your phone.

Put down your phone/tablet/computer about an hour before you want to sleep. The light from our electronics keeps your brain awake and scrolling through social media requires your attention and focus. Take the time to rest your eyes and allow your brain to relax before you try to get in a snooze-fest.


6. Turn your room into an ice box.

Well, you don’t have to turn it into an ice box but lower the temperature to a degree that’s significant enough that you need to crawl under the blankets and get super cozy. It’s easier for most people to fall asleep when their room is cool, so if you’re trying to fall asleep in a warm room, you might be sabotaging your own sleep.


7. Try CBD Oil.

CBD oil with zero THC is extremely useful when it comes to calming and relieving stress. It is all-natural and don’t worry- it’s not psychoactive, so you can’t get achieve a high from it. Be sure to research the right dosage for your body and get to snoozing in no time.

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Having trouble falling asleep can affect every aspect of your life including your health, your job, and your relationships. If none of these tips work for you, it might make sense to see your doctor and ask if they have any recommendations to get you sleeping faster and easier.


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