Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil: Everything You Need to Know

on December 19, 2019


Many people are under the impression that hemp oil and hemp seed oil are the same thing, but they are actually two very different oils that have different uses and benefits.

If you’ve been duped by hemp and hempseed oil, then keep reading to find out why there so different from each other.

What Is Hemp Oil and What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

To better understand the differences between these two oils, we have to get to the root of what each oil is and where it comes from. Hemp seed oil comes from, you guessed it, hemp seeds! Hemp oil comes from the roots and stems of hemp plants.

We know what you’re thinking, one comes from seeds and the other comes from the plant itself. Simple right? Well, this is the kicker. The main difference between these two oils is the number of cannabinoids in each one (1).

Cannabinoids are the chemicals found in cannabis. You may be familiar with THC which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets you high. You might also be familiar with CBD which is a cannabinoid that is non-psychoactive which means it doesn’t get you high but has calming effects on users (2).

Hemp oil has a high concentration of CBD while hemp seed oil does not.

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What Is Each Oil Used For?

Hemp and Oil


Hemp seed oil is full of vitamins and nutrients that work wonders for skin and hair. This oil contains a high concentration of fatty acids that are able to nourish and keep skin hydrated. It can help reduce inflammation, red spots, and combat wrinkles. Hemp seed oil works to rejuvenate worn out skin and is used to alleviate symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and acne (3).

Hemp seed oil also has tons of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids which help nourish hair and promote growth. When used topically, the oil moisturizes the hair while strengthening it, preventing future breakage and damage (4). 

Used by skin and hair experts everywhere, hemp seed oil has become a popular staple in people’s skincare and hairstyling routines. It is often sold in beauty websites and stores but can be found in the occasional grocery store. 

Hemp oil is used for a variety of reasons. Because of its CBD properties, hemp oil is used to help relieve anxiety, depression, and physical ailments naturally. CBD works as a powerful anti-inflammatory which combats injuries, aching joints, and stiffness. It has calming properties which work well for those with anxiety disorders and depression.

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