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on November 19, 2019

Natural Black Elderberries

Fall is here and before you know it, winter will be upon us. And we all know what this means: stuffy noses and sore throats just in time for the holidays. But what if you could kiss flu season goodbye and kick the common cold to the curb? What if you could prevent symptoms before they even occur?

Now you can! Skip flu season this year with Elderberry+ by Natural Genius! Formulated with the purest, concentrated black elderberry found in nature, this fast-acting herbal blend acts as a powerful immune booster to help your body fight off infections and flu symptoms. 


We know what you’re thinking: Elderberry, what is that?!

Black Elderberries in a cluster

Elderberry has actually been used to treat sickness for centuries. Elderberries are black and blue berries that grow on white flowers called elderflowers found on the Sambucus tree. They are native to Europe but can be found all around the world.

Before the invention of antibiotics, elderberries were used as healing medicines because of their antioxidant properties. They were used to heal wounds, reduce inflammation, and of course, fight off colds and the flu.

Now, elderberries are best known for providing powerful immune defense against infections and other common sicknesses that arise during the winter months. 


Why Not Just Get a Flu Shot and Hope for the Best?

Getting a flu shot is an effective way to reduce your chances of getting sick during the winter months, but it isn’t 100% effective. There aren’t any vaccines that prevent the common cold either and frankly, when flu season rolls around it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

That’s where elderberry steps in. Elderberries have the power to stop infections in their tracks thanks to what’s called hemagglutinin protein. They fight off viruses and infections and can significantly lessen the duration of sickness not to mention they’re full of Vitamin C.

Woman sneezing

Elderberries are one of the most natural defenses to the flu and common cold. There is little to no risk in using elderberries to alleviate fly symptoms and boost your immune system. What does this mean? Elderberries can only help when winter blows in.

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What’s Different About Elderberry+?

Elderberry+ by Natural Genius is designed with you in mind. We know just how uncomfortable fighting through a cold is when you’re trying to get through the holiday season and that’s why we want to attack this discomfort at the root. That’s why we chose Elderberries.

By tapping into nature’s gifts and finding the purest black Elderberries we could find, we have created a top of the line blend of 600 mg Elderberry capsules that are sure to quickly and effectively fight off any viruses that might try to slow you down.

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Made with no gluten and no artificial ingredients, these capsules are made with the highest quality in our factory in the United States.

While everyone’s bodies are different, elderberry formulas have been proven to produce significant immune strengthening results among users. To give yourself your best chance at being prepared when winter comes, try Elderberry+.

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