Black Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis - True 45-Day Supply/Bottle
Black Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis - True 45-Day Supply/Bottle
Black Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis - True 45-Day Supply/Bottle

    Black Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis - True 45-Day Supply/Bottle

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    Extra Strength - Vegan - Third Party Tested

      Natural Raspberry Flavored Elderberry, Vitamin C & Herb Gummies for Immune Support - Extra Strength

      Highest concentration of Elderberry, Echinacea, Vitamin C and Bee Propolis in a gummy (better than lesser strengths found in stores).

      This powerful, multi-active supplement for optimal immunity support is proven safe & effective for thousands. Our extra-strength elderberry & herb blend has the same pure, immune-boosting power that cultures the world over have trusted for centuries.


      To ensure that the full spectrum of virus-fighting power is captured in our formula, we’ve spent years perfecting the highest-concentration available - 2x more powerful that grocery-store gummies. As a result of this commitment to the very finest quality sourcing and proven formulation methods, our newest potent formula is a highly effective immune booster for at home or on-the-go defense against harsh winter and cold weather symptoms and more.

      Safety Information
      IMPORTANT: Made with natural ingredients. Use as directed. Please seek medical advice prior to the use of any dietary supplement and follow the directions carefully.
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      Bryant S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product


      Great ingredients.

      These have bee people in them which I usually take anyway so I like this formulation. They taste great too.

      Pretty good flavor for immune system support

      The elderberry gummies taste pretty good as expected and they are a boost for your immune system. I enjoy eating gummies a lot more than capsuled vitamins. These gummies are delicious and contain 70mg of vitamin per serving (200mg), which is a decent percentage and it has 45 servings in the package. They are coated with sugar, which is expected from gummies in general, but the amount of sugar is a bit less than similar products. Sugar is still the first ingredient on its list, which comes from cane sugar and corn syrup. The gummies are vegan/vegetarian formula, which is a good advantage if that is important to you. The packaging says there are no allergens, soy, heavy metals, nuts, annual derivatives, dairy, wheat, or gluten. The container includes a child safe lid which is easy to remove as well. I would consider it again for the future as the price for this flavor and the number of servings is totally reasonable.

      Natural Genius Black Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis - True 45-Day Supply/Bottle Review
      Easy to Take - Works Well

      Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis - Kids and Adults - True 45-Day Supply/BoYou need to take TWO gummies to reach the recommended dose, so this container has 45 days' worth.My sister swears by Elderberry to get through the cold season but I just can't stomach the syrup. These gummies are much easier to take than syrup. Everyone around me has a cold currently and I am the last person to get it. So far, so good. I haven't come down with it yet. There is NO zinc in this blend which I also take as a preventative and to boost my immune system and usually included but the Echinacea and Propolis add a lot to the mix and help boost your immune system. These taste great and I will continue to take them as a preventative.IngredientsVitamin C: 70mgEchinacea Extract: 400mgSambucus Nigra Extract: 200mgPropolis Extract: 100mg

      Extra Strength Immune Support!

      Natural Genius Elderberry Gummies with Echinacea and Bee Propolis 200mg per serving provide extra strength immune support. This natural dietary supplement contains 90 gummies, a 45 day supply. This product contains no artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. This product is suitable for adults and children. It is recommended for adults and children 4 years or older to take two gummies daily. I highly recommend this product!

      Courtland J. Carpenter
      Interesting mix of supplements heavy on the immune system with some minor glucose regulation.

      Contains Vitamin C, elderberry, and Bee Propolis. It's unusual for Web MD to have some definitive things to say about the workings of a supplement, but they do talk about bee Propolis as having some blood sugar regulation, although it does not include helping with insulin resistance. The regulation is important in itself. It's also a blood thinner so it shouldn't be used in high does with other blood thinners. Other proven properties are treatment of cold sores and such, but that's a topical external use, so ingesting in a gummy won't help that here. The Propolis is very small dosage in the gummy approximately 20 percent of a standard dose to be very useful. The other components elderberry for instance being the main one fight some viruses, help recover from colds and flu faster. This is formulated for both kids and adults, but the adult should distribute, the taste flavored is like candy to most, and sugar coated, so a kid could eat a whole bottle before you know it. Not expensive, good for taking in the colds and flu seasons. Only caution is if the consumer is allergic to bee stings, honey, or other bee products, this could trigger a bad effect due to the Bee Propolis. Otherwise Recommended.

      Cathy S.
      Tasty way to get elderberry extract

      WebMD says that taking elderberry and echinacea (both ingredients found in this supplement) at the onset of the flu can reduce the symptoms and duration like Tamiflu. I don't know if that's true, but it probably can't hurt. Taking the supplement can strengthen your immune system, so that is a good benefit any time. These are very tasty, so you will enjoy taking them. Just remember they are not candy!Of course, any supplement that can have a good effect can also have side effects, so use caution when taking any supplements.

      Family company from Georgia

      Before ordering I checked the origin of this product and it is a family owned company from Georgia USA. These are delicious tasting elderberry gummy’s although the price is pretty steep. There is sugar on the outside of them so they really taste a lot like a candy. These also have echinacea which helps fight viral infections such as the common cold and they have bee propolis. I usually purchase elderberry syrup or I make my own elderberry syrup to save money but I was curious to see what the gummy was like. Rating 5 stars = Love It.


      A great tasting albeit expensive way to get your elderberry in. I usually make my own syrup which is also tasty but time consuming. Gummy supplements seem to be all the rage now and they're a wonderful way to keep elderberry at your desk or in your suitcase for times when you feel a cold coming on. For any supplements to work, including mega doses of vitamin c, you have to start immediately, before it progresses. These are a convenient and oh so easy way to do that. Great tasting, convenient, easy to take, and effective. Recommended

      United States United States
      It's A Family Thang.

      The product was remarkable.,to the point I've started my adult children on them ,and they are impressed, they would like to purchase their own. Can't go wrong with this product.